The Medical Vita Diet Gluten Free Meal Supplement Shakes can be enjoyed for breakfast or lunch on the run or in conjunction with the Medical Vita Diet Weight loss Program.

The Vita Diet weightloss program has been specifically designed by doctors as an effective treatment for obesity and will help you achieve a healthy goal weight safely, nutritionally and easily, and by adhering to the maintenance plan and regular exercise, you can keep the weight off.

The sachets retail for only $3.99 each (Instore) or you can buy a box of 14 for $54.99. Weight loss participants can expect to lose up to 3kgs in their first week.

The Medical Vita Diet shakes contain:

  • No Gluten
  • Complete Protein (Whey & Casein)
  • 16 Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • 17 Amino Acids
  • 99% Fat Free
  • All Flavours are Gluten Free
  • No Artificial Colours or Sweeteners
  • Low GI
  • 33 to 50% RDI (Recommended Daily Intake of vitamins & minerals)
  • Made in Australia

The sugars are mainly derived from lactose (a low GI carbohydrate found naturally in milk).

Why not use artificial sweeteners?

A lot of controversy surrounds the use of artificial sweeteners in foods. Apart from research pointing to cancer links, the latest research has shown that artificial sweeteners can make people put on weight because the sweet taste prepares the body for a large calorie intake.
“When this did not arrive the body demanded more food or burned less energy, which resulted in weight gain”
Behavioral Neuroscience Journal as quoted in The Courier Mail (12th February, 2008)

Mixing Directions: Add contents of sachet to 200mls of chilled water in shaker and mix.


What is Medical Vita Diet?

In 1987 ,  Vita Tech introduce the Medical Vita Diet to Queensland Medical centres as an aid for combating obesity.  The first doctor to implement the Medical Vita Diet was Dr Colin Holloway, who subsequently opened five Weight Loss and Nutrition Clinics in Queensland, personally treating thousands of patients with “outstanding” results.

How the Medical Vita Diet Works

The Vita Diet program works by controlling the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats consumed in the eating program, and providing specific vital nutrients in the supplements to ensure nutritional balance.  This will help your body burn its own fat stores as a source of energy, resulting in weight loss.

The eating program focuses on eating fresh foods, rather than processed and avoiding all sweet, fatty and starchy foods.  The aim is to educate you to make healthier food choices which will then assist with weight maintenance.

The Secret Is In The Supplements

The delicious Vita Diet supplements contain complete protein with 17 amino acids, low GI carbohydrates, plus 16 essential vitamins and minerals.  They also contain minimal additives, no artificial colours, no artificial sweeteners and are 99% fat free when mixed with water.  The supplements contain no Vitamin K which can affect the way some prescription drugs work, such as Warfarin.

The sugar in the sachets is mainly the low GI carbohydrate lactose, which is found naturally in all milk products, whether in milk powder or a glass of milk.


NOTE:  The Medical Vita Diet supplements are so convenient all you need to add is water.  No fibre, milk or fruit  ( which will increase the sugar, fat and salt content) is required to improve the taste.